“How do I stop my dog from barking?”  is a common question trainers get. To answer that, the first things we need to know are 1) in what type of situations is your dog barking, and 2) what need are they trying to meet?

Dogs bark for a lot of reasons: boredom, fear, attention, excitement, etc.  In any of these cases, the focus shouldn’t be on stopping the behavior, but instead, thinking about meeting the dog’s need before the barking starts.  For good tips on addressing different types of barking, check out this blog post:

Avoid devices or methods that involve applying a correction, vibration, shock, tone, spray, etc.  to stop the barking.  While these techniques may stop the barking itself for a period of time, the dog will usually grow accustomed to it, and it will stop being effective, plus (more importantly) these methods can create worse behavior concerns by creating a fear response to whatever is present when they receive the correction.  Barking is, above all, communication – listen to what your dog is saying, and respond by meeting their needs proactively so that the barking becomes unnecessary.