Sponsor a Kennel

The shelter is a big place for an animal—full of strange noises and new scents. By sponsoring a kennel at the Humane Society of Huron Valley, you help the animals inside feel a little more at home. Your sponsorship provides good food, a soft bed, toys and treats—things all companion animals deserve.

You can choose whether to sponsor a kennel for a cat, kitten, dog or puppy. You’ll receive regular updates of the animals you’ve helped support in addition to recognition of your gift in shelter/café and newsletter.

For individuals, sponsoring a kennel is a wonderful way to honor a pet-lover or a pet.

For companies, sponsoring a kennel is smart business. Your sign is seen by tens of thousands of animal-lovers every year and signifies your support of HSHV.

For more information on kennel sponsorships, please contact Cathryn at (734) 661-3573 or email cathryno@hshv.org.

Sponsor a Litter of Puppies

For $500, you can help save a family of innocent puppies.  We’ll send you information about the litter you’re sponsoring, and you’ll get to name the puppies! We’ll also send you pictures when the pups get to HSHV and invite you to the Facebook group so that you can potentially connect with the adopters and fosters. To get started, head here.

Sponsor the Love Train

Help rescue 30-40 healthy animals—an entire van load!—saving them from rescues and shelters where they risk euthanasia simply because of where they were born. By sponsoring the Love Train, you’ll bring them to HSHV, where volunteers and adopters await them with loving, open arms. Your $2,500 life-saving gift will be recognized by keepsake magnets placed on the sides of the van during transport, and you (and a group if you wish!) will have a chance to greet the grateful animals upon arrival!

Sponsor an Event

Want to increase visibility of your business while supporting a well-known and well-loved brand? Partner with HSHV for one of our signature events: Walk & Wag or The Compassionate Feast. Contact joyj@hshv.org for information.

Workplace Giving

Here are a few ideas on how you can partner with HSHV:

  • Hold a penny war! Dogs vs. Cats: Staff add to their team’s score by adding pennies, or sabotage the other team by adding silver or paper money!
  • Run a “Jeans Day” or “Ugly Sweater Day” when employees can donate to dress causal. Still working remotely? Hold a “Zoom in your PJ’s Day”!
  • Auction a prime parking spot: Give someone a rockstar spot all in the name of helping animals
  • Run a “Cutest Pet” contest: Invite staff to post photos of their pets, then “vote” on the cutest by making a donation! You can even make this a calendar contest, and feature the 12 photos with the most “votes” in the calendar.
  • Host a donation drive: See our Wish List for ideas!
  • Place one of our cute canisters at your business; our volunteers will take care of collecting the change!
  • Office pranks: If staff contribute a certain amount, the manager dyes their hair or gets a pie in the face (it also works via Zoom!)
  • Hold a silent auction: Auction off donated items or services, extra vacation days, parking spots etc. HSHV can provide free online auction software – contact laurac@hshv.org
  • Fitness goals: Collect pledges to walk a certain number of steps. Have teams compete for steps and donations!
  • Virtual guessing games: Send around a photo of jelly beans in a jar, and have staff donate $1 to guess how many are inside and win a prize!
  • Restaurants: Hold a Dine-to-Donate event
  • Retailers: Donate a % of sales to HSHV for a certain time period
  • Sponsor a kennel (or two or three!) and get a plaque with your business name on it

Get started

Have an idea on partnering with HSHV and ready to get started? See more event ideas here, and when you’re ready to let us know what you’re thinking, complete our online questionnaire.

For more information on third-party events and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Laura at (734) 661-3554 or email laurac@hshv.org.

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