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HSHV’s Veterinary Clinic provides high quality, affordable services for just about everything you need to keep your beloved companion animals healthy and happy. And the money you spend on treatment goes right back into helping animals in the shelter!

Humane Society of Huron Valley Veterinary Clinic

3100 Cherry Hill Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

(734) 662-4365

If you have an emergency, please call or go to the nearest animal emergency clinic.

Our Hours

Monday-Friday: 9 am to 7 pm
(Surgery drop-off: 8 am)
Saturday & Sunday: 9 am to 4 pm

Appointments only – no walk-ins accepted


To ensure the highest quality care for all clients, if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule or a $15 late fee will apply and you may have to wait.

To fax medical records: 734-662-7545

To refill a prescription or food:  or Order online!

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Services & Fees

Please note: To offset rising medical disposal costs, we charge a flat $5 biohazard fee per pet for appointments requiring vaccinations, lab work, or surgery. This fee is waived for low-cost vaccine clinic appointments.

For Spay/Neuter Appointments:

Due to demand, we use online booking for spay/neuter appointments. Starting June 24 9 a.m., online booking will open for July appointments.

On the last Monday of every month, the next month’s calendar will open at 9AM.

If you wish to check for cancellations, please leave a message at 734-662-4365.

The HSHV Vet Clinic is a full-service facility that partners with you to keep your pet healthy and happy. We cover a wide range of health needs, helping when your animal is sick, and also providing routine healthcare including regular checkups, vaccinations, medications or preventatives. Additionally, we offer a full suite of diagnostic services, including bloodwork, fecal tests and digital X-ray to help us understand and treat whatever your pet is experiencing.

Check-in for vet appointments: When you arrive, please park in one of our veterinary appointment spaces at the front of the building. Then, call 734-662-4365 and stay on the line and in your car until we can check you in.

If your pet has not been seen by us before, or has been seen by a different vet since last time you were at the HSHV Clinic, it is very important you bring your vaccination records – we are typically unable to confirm vet records from other facilities during your appointment.

Clinic Prices

Dog Vaccination Guidelines

Cat Vaccination Guidelines

* By law, a rabies vaccination can only be administered to dogs by a veterinarian, and therefore requires a standard vet exam (or a recheck exam at vet’s discretion)

** Vaccination boosters are subject to a Vet Assistant fee to cover the time of the person performing the vaccination

For current clients only, we’re offering a $55 video consultation with one of our veterinarians.

What could you use TeleHealth for? A video consultation could be useful in situations such as:

  • Skin rechecks
  • Quality of life discussions
  • Behavior consultation
  • Heartworm treatment consultation
  • Hospice care

Please ask for more information if you’re interested in a telehealth appointment!

Sit, stay; we’ll come to you! HSHV Veterinary Clinic offers in-home appointments. Services performed by our traveling vet team include:

  • Wellness care & vaccinations, including annual check-up, vaccines, bloodwork, heartworm and FeLV/FIV testing, etc.
  • Senior wellness care (i.e., management of arthritis)
  • Nail trims, ear cleaning, microchipping
  • Quality-of-life consultations and end-of-life care
  • Humane euthanasia

Veterinary housecalls are available anywhere within a 20-mile driving radius of the HSHV Veterinary Clinic .  Fees for the housecall exam are below; there is an additional cost for services provided (e.g., vaccinations, testing, etc.). New clients welcomed! $50 deposit required for all appointments. 

Housecall Exam Cost

  • Current Patient Wellness Exam: $135
  • Current Patient Sick Exam: $145
  • Post-Adoption Exam: $135
  • New Patient Wellness Exam: $150
  • New Patient Sick Exam: $165

Multi-pet appointments are available and encouraged; each pet after the first one examined has a reduced exam fee of only $45.


Housecall Euthanasia Cost

Cats Dogs Dogs Dogs
 All sizes Small Medium Large
Leave in home $210 $235 $245 $270
Group cremation $240 $255 $275 $305
Private cremation $365 $460 $560 $650

Why choose us to spay/neuter your pet?

Our veterinarians perform more than 6,000 affordable surgeries every year, and every single one is important to us.
Here are the top 10 reasons to spay/neuter your pet.

Make a Spay/Neuter appointment

Please note: Due to demand, starting June 24, all spay/neuter appointments will be booked online; please see the link above which will be active June 24 at 9 a.m. and open the calendar for July appointments. On the last Monday of every month, the next month’s calendar will open at 9 a.m.

If you wish to check for cancellations, you may leave a message at 734-662-4365.

Check-in instructions once an appointment is made

After Surgery

  1. Review our post-surgical care guidelines
  2. Check out the video with helpful information


Cost of Spay/Neuter Surgery

Less than 6 months old Over 6 months old
Female Dog (Spay) $245 $285
Male Dog (Neuter) $205 $245
Female Cat (Spay) $135 $155
Male Cat (Neuter) $115 $135

Proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations are required. If your pet is already up-to-date, please bring proof of vaccinations with you to your pets’ appointment. If your pet has not had vaccinations, we can vaccinate the same day for an additional charge.

Dog Cat
Rabies 1 year $30 $45
Distemper booster / 1 yr (based on age) $30 $30

* Pit bull special: We love pit bulls and the people who care for them. Pit bulls receive spay/neuter surgery at half price, with DHLPP and Rabies vaccines included at no additional cost.

Feral Cats – HSHV’s Trap, Neuter and Return Program aims to reduce overpopulation of feral cats, and we have reduced pricing for feral cats spay/neuters. Contact for details.

Services included with spay/neuter

  • Pre-anesthetic assessment
  • Pain control
  • Cone collar (to prevent licking at incision site)
  • Free nail trim

Other services available at time of spay/neuter

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork
  • Heartworm test (dog only)
  • FeLV/FIV/Heartworm test (cats only)
  • Microchip
  • Hernia repair
  • Removal of retained deciduous baby teeth
  • Lyme vaccination (dog only)
  • Canine flu vaccination (dog only)
  • Lepto vaccination (dog only)
  • Bordetella vaccination (dog only)
  • FeLV vaccination (cat only)


Other Surgeries Offered by HSHV

  • Mass removals
  • Limb or tail amputations
  • Abdominal exploratory surgeries
  • Cherry eye repair
  • Eye removal (enucleation)
  • Pyometra
  • And many more

Please note: A consult with a vet is required before any non-spay/neuter surgery is scheduled.


HSHV is proud to offer our community low cost vaccination clinics, or “LCVC” for short. We offer dog and cat vaccines as well as heartworm, flea and tick preventative medications at discounted prices.

Appointments are required. See prices and dates here.

Please note: LCVC’s, by state law, cannot be counted as a veterinary exam, and do not replace the need for regular visits with your veterinarian.


Regarding prices:  Prices offered on day of LCVC are only available on day of LCVC*. Additionally, unless a pet has had a full exam with us within the last year, services and heartworm prevention are only available at LCVC – see the registration for more details). The flea and tick medications offered at LCVC are over the counter and can be purchased anytime.


Our Low Cost Vaccination Clinics may not be the best environment for animals who are nervous/anxious in new or high activity environments or don’t like to be around other pets or people. Please be advised that if your animal is not treatable/handleable at this event, services may not be able to be provided. You may be asked to schedule an Outpatient appointment during our regular business hours so that we can better service your pet. Also, though our Low Cost Vaccination Clinics are appropriate for most dogs and cats, if your pet has previously had an adverse effect in response to vaccination, please call our clinic for an appointment.


Keeping your pets protected from parasites is vital for their health and happiness – and the happiness of their owners too! While tick and flea populations may dwindle in the cold months, dogs and indoor/outdoor cats need heartworm prevention year round to stay protected. Heartworm, which is passed by mosquitos who remain active all year, can be fatal, and can cause significant damage to lungs and heart. Many heartworm preventatives also protect against intestinal parasites that can be contracted year round, and can also be passed to humans.

NOTE: Heartworm and prescription flea and tick preventative are only available for active clients whose pet has had necessary testing, or at our low cost vaccine clinics. (Please see for more low cost vaccine clinic details, including prices and dates).

Heartworm Treatment

If your pet has tested positive for heartworm, HSHV can help. The treatment process is long term and intensive but can save your pet’s life.

It’s said that one in three pets are lost at some time in their life. Did you know microchipped animals are more than 20 times more likely to be returned home?  We highly recommend microchips, and while they’re not GPS tracking devices and contain no personally identifiable information, we’ve found microchips to be essential to reuniting families. The chip can be scanned at any shelter or veterinarian’s office, and the ID on your pet’s chip can link back to you, so you can be alerted that your pet has been found. Tags, while great, can get torn off or lost. In most instances, microchips are lifelong!

Our clinic offers microchips for $30 for both cats and dogs.

If you have lost your pet, please see our Lost and Found.

Moved? Here’s how to update your address with our microchip provider.

End of life decisions are possibly the hardest a pet owner will ever face. Our staff is here to help you during this difficult time. In addition to treating your animal lovingly and respectively, we’ll assist you in understanding the options, and which is right for you and your beloved pet.

We offer humane euthanasia for your pet, and we offer several different options for cremation services.


In-Clinic Euthanasia Cost

Cats Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs
All sizes Small Medium Large Over 100 lbs.
Return to owner $135 $145 $175 $205 $245
Group cremation $170 $185 $210 $240 $265
Private cremation $300 $395 $495 $580 $695


If you wish, you can download and complete the request for euthanasia form at home and have it ready for your appointment.

Euthanasia services are available by appointment only so that we ensure you have appropriate space and time for mourning.

Just like humans, domestic dogs and cats need regular dental check-ups. Their mouths are perfect incubators for many kinds of bacteria. And did you know that proper dental care can not only improve your pet’s breath, it can extend the life of your companion animal for 3-5 years?

HSHV offers affordable dental care. A consult is $70, and our dental procedure estimate guides are below:

We are sorry; we cannot perform dental services for dogs over 100 lbs.

Check-in Instructions once an appointment is made

dog receiving laser therapy at HSHVSafe, soothing and scientifcally proven successful, laser therapy has been used for decades to treat a myriad of conditions in humans. And now, companion animals can benefit from it as well.

Laser therapy accelerates the body’s own healing process by stimulating cellular activity. It’s drug-free, surgery-free, and non-invasive. Using a laser light to penetrate muscles, tendons and ligaments, we can promote healing within. Though there’s no sedation, pets often fall asleep during treatment, as the laser light is slightly warm and the animals find their therapeutic sessions calming.

Laser therapy has been scientifically proven successful in treating many acute and chronic conditions including:

  • Arthritis and sore jointsCat with doggles preparing for laser therapy at HSHV
  • Back injuries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Inflammation
  • Repairing wounds
  • Post-surgical healing

Applications typically take 5-15 minutes, depending on the size of your animal and the area being treated. Treatments initiate a healing process that continues to reduce inflammation for up to 24 hours after treatment. Multiple sessions are usually recommended, though pets often show results within 1 day their first treatment. Pets (and humans) are fitted with protective eye gear, and all treatments are performed by a trained technician.


    One location
such as incision
      Two locations
e.g., both hips
   Three locations
Individual visits    $40       $50    $60
Package of 5 + 1 FREE    $200 (~$33 ea)       $250 ($42 ea)    $300 ($50 ea)

Routine nail trim & anal gland expression are performed by our veterinary assistants/technicians. This service is available only to current clients who have been seen at our site by a vet within the previous year, and who are up-to-date on Rabies vaccines. Nail trim and expression fees are based on difficulty to complete the procedure. We offer punch cards for both nail trims and expressions – your 11th one is free!

  • Nail Trim – $15 to $30
  • Anal Gland Expression – $25 to $30

Meet our Veterinarians

The veterinarians at Humane Society of Huron Valley do it all, with amazing skills and giant hearts. They provide care for over 12,000 animals a year, including both beloved family pets and homeless animals throughout Washtenaw County.

Brittany Slinker, DVM

Brittany Slinker, DVM

Outpatient Veterinarian Companion Animals - ...
Robin Berry, DVM

Robin Berry, DVM

Outpatient Veterinarian Companion Animals - ...
Sarah Carter, DVM

Sarah Carter, DVM

Outpatient Veterinarian Companion Animals - ...
Dr. Courtney White

Courtney White, DVM

VP of Veterinary Medicine Cats, ...
Amy Hess, DVM

Amy Hess, DVM

Outpatient Veterinarian Companion Animals - ...
Karen Krieger, DVM

Karen Krieger, DVM

Outpatient Veterinarian Companion Animals - ...
Lindsay Reasons, DVM

Lindsay Reasons, DVM

Shelter Veterinarian Companion Animals - ...
Dr. Jason Speidel

Jason Speidel, DVM

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Dr. Julie Spencer

Julie A. Spencer, DVM

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